Tips to save on back to school shopping

Tips to save on back to school shopping

It’s that time of year again – time to buy school clothes, gear, and supplies. As you know from previous years, parents can spend a fortune on everything kids need for school.

But no longer is pen and paper enough! With classrooms getting more and more tech-savvy, students need to keep up as well.

For older students, high cost items such as a computer that used to be a luxury is now a basic need. Yes, it's true that students can often use some items that are provided through the school in the classroom or media center, but we also know oftentimes it's easier and more convenient to have your own.

If you find it's time to invest more in your child and in your child's education, but you need some financial help. Before you whip out your high interest credit card to pay for that computer and printer, stop and weigh your options, including a personal loan at CDC Federal Credit Union.

Until then, here are other money saving tips to help with your back to school shopping.

Watch for end of summer sales

Today’s kids wear shorts, tee shirts, and polo shirts throughout the year – even in the dead of winter. So look for these items at the big end of summer sales and buy them at discounted prices.

Stick to the teacher’s supply list

There’s quite a lot on the supply list you receive from school, so don’t waste your money on items not of the list. One way to save is to buy school supplies when they’re on sale. So check the weekly sales paper for things needed on a regular basis, like pens, notebooks, loose-leaf paper, and other basics. Save time and gas money by buying your groceries and school supplies at the same place or in the same shopping area.

Hold a back to school swap

Some kids don’t mind wearing used clothing as long as the garments are new to them. Host a back to school swap where families bring gently worn items to trade with one another.

Plan lunches

You can save a lot when you plan lunch menus. See what lunch items are on sale at your grocery story each week and plan lunches around them.

Make them stand out

It’s inevitable that school supplies will go missing during the course of the school year. Here are some ideas to prevent loss. Buy bright book bags and pencil pouches or boxes that stand out from the other’s student’s gear. Get plain white or black three-ring binders and let your children decorate them with personal photos. Kids love the project and personalized items are less likely to disappear.

Shop at places that rotate merchandise often

You can find great deals at clothing stores that rotate their merchandise often. Some stores that do this include Old Navy, Gap Kids, and The Children’s Place. These three stores and many others will make a price adjustment and refund you the difference if an items goes on sale within 14 days of the date you purchased it. All you have to do is bring in the receipt to get your refund.

Browse Craigslist and other marketplaces

Visit Craiglist and other places for deals on gently worn items. You can also sell items here as well. Why not make some cash on brand-name outfits that your kids no longer want or have outgrown. But always remember to use safety whenever using these public marketplaces and dealing with strangers.

Hold off on buying gear

Is last year’s book bag still in pretty good shape? What about the lunchbox? If so, have them reuse the items this year. At least for a while as they figure out what the new trends are.

Do you have any back to school shopping tips? Please share them in the comments.


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